I thought I was snow white til I melted away

Top ten commercials ever made, for real this is amazing!

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She is beyond beautiful, so funny, and overall smart! The only word that gets close to describe her is perfection!

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[ Doing everything that is in your power ]

-No the exam is not next week, it’s the week I get back from Copenhagen. 

- Oh okey!

-But I get back on Monday and it’s on Saturday so I will basically be studying 24/7 Tuesday to Friday.

- So you mean there wont be a difference between what you have been doing for the past two weeks then?

- [Laughing out Loud] Well I have the days off work too, so, it will be the sole focus and the only attention I will give.

The days are passing so quickly! It’s true, I have stayed true to my intention and it’s been intense. My friends that I live with have even noticed the level of dedication. 

…. [And if that wont be enough, atleast you gave it your all]

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• the power of the mind •

The first week in January me and Linnea had a champagne dinner and then went home to mine to make a list about 2014. What would be our goals and how would we get there was our conversation as we sipped on some red wine in my bed. We wrote it all down. And thank God for that as I now know for a fact that writing down actual sentences reinforces the thought and makes a difference to you as your brain actually takes it up differently. It’s interesting as I today remembered that list, I am so certain that it all will come true, and it seams that one, the most important one, is about to happen. The moment is just right, as It’s my birthday in exactly 8 days. The second one I can talk about more openly, my family signed me up for a half marathon. My long lost dream of running a marathon have to start somewhere so this is it. The whole summer will be a dedication to fitness and running.

A new habit of mine, as I need to practise to evolve is to sometime during the day write down what I want to happen through the work I put in on a daily basis to reach to my goals. I believe it can uplift the focus to a new level and lessen the possibility of giving up.



Palms, El Encanto. 

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