I thought I was snow white til I melted away

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Sometimes you tell someone to never call you again, and then the phone rings and you hope it’s them. It’s the most twisted logic of all time.

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[ When you find yourself putting on eyeliner to recreate your seventeen year old self ]

This will just end in one way.

I will take my statitics book to the ladys, rip it up and use it as toilet paper. Throw my calculator out the window and so on. 

Is there an A I see in the end of the tunnel?!

Cause it’s Monday.


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[ There’s only one boy I have kissed on the stroke of midnight at new years ]

I remembered when I was madly in love with a boy at high school. It turned out he was the principals son, and that his older brother was the center of attention as half of my home town city was secrelty calling him by another name so they could gossip about this gorgeous red head without being busted.

But I, I fell in love with this mysterious young man, with pale skin and sealed lips. That type of person who you usually do not see, someone who’s a professional at keeping low key.  Each day after school we together went to the local café, that local café only artistic and soulful people went to, with that type of amazing Mediterranean atmosphere - everybody talked to each other.

[Where I would meet the owner, my oldest friend that I call by the nickname the Prince]. We usually went there to hang with his best friends. They drank black coffee, ate sourdough sandwiches with brie cheese and salami and talked politics. One of the guys always brought his synt that he was obsessed about.

The only time I had tried coffee was my mothers cappuccinos, and I detested them. But after a while I found myself sipping on coffee, and it had to be black to fit the crowd. So I always asked the Prince to give me as little milk as possible, just a couple of drops, to make it bearable. He always sneaked in a brownie for me, especially if I had been at the gym, then it was even more important that I got some sweetness added. 

So after that first year at high school, where I had become buddies with the whole family but not been able to understand what was going on between us [nobody knew, I remember it so clearly, friends and people at school was wondering, asking me, probably asking him, but the boy with the sealed lips never spilled out the milk and goofy old Princess never talked about those kinds of emotions]. - So after that first year at high school, summer break came, I do not remember it as clearly but I know I was going away on a six week vacation with my uncles family. We spent it at the Spanish riviera. When I came home it was in the middle of August, the time when the city festival always occurred. I was happy, relaxed and very tanned. A little bit anxious too, being back after so many weeks away. I had heard the news.

There’s the main boulevard at my hometown, and I was walking towards the main center with a friend when he came walking towards me with a drunk girl on his shoulder. I remeber thinking that now it happens [deep breath]. He was a bit intoxicated to. When they walked up to me she was still laughing loudly.

Now where at the part I remember the clearest, those moments in your life that you wont forget [consider I am one of those - a forgetter]. As he was surprised that I was already back and I swiftly told him that was the case she continued the conversation [facing him] asking if I was his teacher. That was probably the moment where I - as I had already had a little bird whisper in my ear about his relationship-  felt that I was okay with it all. The pain, gone. The feelings, still there, but I told myself it was okay. There we had one of those moments that showed the link - as we together just looked at each other saying no while laughing uncontrollably at her stupidness [cruelty at its peak].

Before I left them she had been hit by womanly intuition. She knew I was trouble, and it showed in her eyes ever since that encounter. I would never be the one looking back more then to reminisce on an interesting experience. 

"To me, celebrating Women’s History Month was more about honoring the woman that I am becoming and paying homage to the women of influenced. In order to do that, I had to dig into what embodied the women I have aspired to be and the reasoning behind that.

I wanted to highlight songs that took me through a specific journey of my womanhood, whilst challenging and bring awareness to a few ideas that women, including myself, are constantly faced with such as: compromise, sexism, sexuality, vulnerability power, perception and success.

Through this mix, the aforementioned concepts are intertwined through the lyrics and conversations of all of these trailblazing artists.” - Kitty Cash

Released exclusively via BuzzFeed


1. Lauryn Hill (feat. Maya Angelou) - That Phenomenal Thing (JT Remix) [Kitty Cash Edit]

2. Whitney Houston - It’s Not Right But It’s Okay (Tajan Remix)

3. Mariah Carey - We Belong Together (Delinq Remix)

4. Janet Jackson - Anytime, Any Place (Staro Mix)

5. Mya - My Love is Like Woah (Jaw Jam Bootleg)

6. Beyonce (feat. Jay Z) - Crazy in Love (Da-P Remix)

7.Jill Scott - Golden (Kaytranada’s Life Extended Edition)

8. Brandy - Full Moon

9. Mary J. Blige - I’m Going Down

10. Cassie (feat. Ertha Kitt) - Me & U (Village Bootleg) [Kitty Cash Edit]

11. Jarreau Vandal - Until The Dawn

12. Madonna - Human Nature

13. Toni Braxton - You’re Makin’ Me High

14. Patra - Worker Man

15. Aaliyah - Stroke It, Baby (Mr.Carmack Remix)

16. Erykah Badu - Honey (Hi-Tek Mash-Up)

17. M.I.A. - Bad Girls ( Art of Shades Remix)

18. Alicia Keys (feat. Minnie Ripperton) - Feeling U (Seventh Wonder Classic OG Mix) [Kitty Cash Edit]

This remix is containing the exact songs that have taken me through my journey on womanhood. It is funny that it’s starting with Lauren Hill as that was my first idol and one of the first albums I sat with 24/7. The poem by Maya Angelou is also such a great poem. This remix will be played repeatedly through this year. At it’s shortest. xo Nina [wordsfromaprincess]


Un Amore Per Sempre | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

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