I thought I was snow white til I melted away

et toute ma vie ce sera toi

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ph. Jacob & Carrol 

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Yellow Pink Roses in a Glass Vase, Henri Fantin-Latour

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Lara Stone by Mario Sorrenti for the 2012 Pirelli Calendar

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Babe ef

The Mad Swedes

1+1= 11 Groundbreaking mathematical rules and puffs. We created them. Invisible ridges, we are them. System creators are written in bold on our businesscards. Businesscards without names because we dont need them. We are the creators of madness.

One of those mornings we get that flow for life.

One of us are vomiting over a food poisoning the other one is doing fartleks training in the forest. We’re dreaming about a radio show, the kind of show anybody with rosea needs to stop listening to or run straight to the hospital for that extra strong cortison cream.

What fumed our creativity?

- I’m having Watermelon, it’s easily digested so it should be a good idea.

- Skip your Watermelon I believe Ive heard it’s the opposite. Go for a lemon water fiest, lemons are anti skeptical. Sorry I meant anti septical.

Then I recorded a voice message saying “Are lemons anti sceptical or anti septical, this is todays riddle for you our Swedish folks to solve”.

The conversation became all about sincere jokes, the kind where you play with words and laugh about your own damn wittiness til your stomach is begging you to stop. Of course the show will be held in Swedish, the power of my wickness is much stronger in my mother tongue. Our first episode will be about revealing the true facts of our nickname the Mad Swedes, our insanity label. A label I not long ago got questioned about, how can you who fall asleep at 10 in the evening be insane in any kind of way?

Watermelon only laughed, and I joined. Just like the good old times.

The first 7 words of that show will make the nation call their friends and family, and from those 7 words the listening number will be raced from 1 million to 6. You know I am trustworthy.




"But yeah, me and Danielle, I feel like she’s gonna be my friend for life." (x)

The beauty in this picture is overwhelming

I tear up thinking about them. Seeing them acting just makes my day. They look like me and they are doing great things.

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