I thought I was snow white til I melted away



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alina kolodziejczyk photographed by pawel widurski

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Diana Moldovan at Hèrmes S/S 2014 at PFW

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Sun Feifei 
for Salvatore Ferragamo (FW 2013)

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Reminds me of Lisa.

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Between Two Lungs by Florence + The Machine on Spotify

Be the capten over your own thoughts and behaviour.

Finished off my hour with my sales coach with load laughters coming directly from our hearts.

60 minutes of pure relief.

I’ve had small mosquito bites of unbalanced thoughts resulting in a behaviour that is far from my normal one. My sales coach always says my aura is grande and I’m always acting from my heart, but if I start acting from an unbalanced mind I need to be careful not to make others feel the punsches my aura will start to make.

I like methapors, I love them, and she always shares plenty with me.

Starting anew. Saying bye to an individual perspective as a first, and going back to seeing the outer world and it’s beauty. There shall I find balance and greatness.

60 minutes created awesomeness and bliss.

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bom shaka laka.

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Backstage at Chloe, Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015

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Dinner time

Elizabeth Ai-Quyen by Brian Huynh

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