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E V O L (VE)

Days when I will meet my sales coach is always days with mixed emotions. What shall we talk about this time? Knowing it will be me, and wherever my thoughts are lying that will decide where we end up. Whatever I say, and whatever expression I will be using, will be gathered by her and reflected back on me.

It’s like with work, it is those moments where I ALWAYS choose my words carefully. Which of the 5 senses is my client talking with? Which benefits are important for her/him? Ever met a good sales associate? I bet that person hit those right spots for you. The person never talked around his or her own opinions, they snapped up yours and reflected them back to you. It’s not only about opinions, it’s about language. If I keep on talking about how soft cashmere is, and you keep on saying that you are looking for a beautiful sweater, we arn’t talking the same language and I am sure you will find yourself walking out of the store un satisfied and without a beautiful sweater. If you’re not stubborn enough to find it yourself. That is why I love my job, I love to put my focus on a person and what is important for that client and nobody else. To lisen is an art form that has to be mastered. 

It fills me with so much love to hear from clients how happy or satisfied they are. When a clients comes in to the store saying she just find a dress at the department stores section with our brand (which basically is our competitors), but she thought she pop by our store and look for me instead, because she knew I would take care of her. Or when I was on holiday and clients came in asking for me by name. Then drowned my manager with how professional I was and that they basically thought I was the manager (proud moment, wish I was there, ha!). Or how many smiles I can put on peoples faces, how much every single meeting means for both me and them. How I can help a Russian lady to switch her opinion about how cold and unfriendly Swedish people can be at times. How we can share a moment betweens some racks of clothes. Or how, today, when I came back from my 90 minutes with the coach, a package with my name written on it laid on the counter. I waited for my colleague to come back to say that a customer had left it for me without saying much more then “It’s for Nina - she’ll know”. In the package laid a book, because this client wishes for me to be inspired to write my own book. She’s basically checking up on me. Are my clients for real? it’s so much love here. 






Hair inspo

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lara stone by kacper kasprzyk for harper’s bazaar germany, oct 14

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Good Morning 

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I will do better.

For my own sake.

Not yours.

My Life

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Adeline Petit by Romain Pivétal

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Daniel Arsham, Basketball, (2013).

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Adyn Airtex collection
Airtex flight jacket white & Airtex team ADYN white jersey

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