I thought I was snow white til I melted away


So Acne has been my biggest love since, well, I was a teenager and bought my own clothes. Before they called themselves Acne Studios. For me, they will always be Acne. But still far more then what they represented back 10 years ago. In high school I only wore Acne jeans. Well, I had others, but those 3 from Acne were my favourites. I’m happy to see the brand evolve but still stand tall against it’s core design. So on my train ride back to my home city I looked up the new arrivals on their webpage, I do not know how often that happens, and thou I just purschased a new pair of boots from Ash, I couldnt help myself from always biting off my tongue as I saw the new thigh high shoe they have made. Hiloh Black can be yours for 7495kr, approximately £700. The second after seeing it I had to text Lisa. Saying that I might be mad but look at this picture of the shoe and look at the price, they are so affordable!!! I also told her that I already knew she wouldnt believe I am mad, I could see her facial expression too. The exact as mine, in a highly excited voice saying “They are gorgeous and so so so sooooo affordable”. Do I have to tell you I was right? Nah. So I’ll add them to my wish list. Now longer then eve before. But these ones are almost nothing to wish for, they have to go straight in to my waredrobe.


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Lara Stone by Alasdair McLellan for V Magazine #91 Fall 2014

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Acne Studios - Fall 2014

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Kate Moss for AnOther Magazine Fall/Winter 2014, ph. by Alasdair McLellan.

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Pedro del Hierro Madrid Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

If I succeed with a certain something I’ve decided to cut my hair off and dye it dark…

There you go new start - la nouvelle debut. There you go.


Photographed by Theo Sion for Dazed Fall/Winter 2014

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